Why Monkey Business?

A unique combination of consulting services, development programmes, and coaching

Monkey Business provides a unique combination of consulting services, customised development programmes, facilitation and coaching to help senior leaders and business teams transform their individual and organisational capabilities in ways that will enable them to complete, to succeed and to grow.

Our clients believe that our approach is very different to many consultancies and that our inclusion has made a substantial difference to their business.

Academic Rigour

Aston Business School.  Designed and leading and Executive MBA programme.  Academy of National Economic, Moscow.  Provision of MBA modules and leadership development programmes.  Henley Business School.  Modules on both Advanced Leadership Programme and Advanced Management Programme.   Kingston Business School.  Leadership development on Executive MBA Programme

Original Thinking

We provide original thinking.  Our Emergent Leadership Model© has been developed from a solid academic foundation to produce a pragmatic, useable tool to analyse, develop and project effective leadership in organisations.  It reframes leadership in terms of uncertainty


An unusual experience in someone engenders the need to talk. We use powerful experiential metaphors to challenge your conversations.

  • Outdoor development – Demands teamwork and initiative
  • Simulators – Explores behaviours, uncertainty and courage
  • Horses – Develops communication skills, behaviours and emotional intelligence
  • Trapeze –Engages the concepts of resistance, transformation and change.
  • Firewalking – Explores limiting beliefs and transition
  • Multimedia – Challenges diverse aspects of being a leader

Our emphasis is on relationships and understanding you and the world in which you operate.   We deliver programmes that challenge and stimulate.   We are thorough in our analysis and determined to pinpoint root causes to achieve real business results.