Speaking Feedback

John Peters was fantastic. A very emotional, inspirational speaker. The best speaker I have ever heard…

One of the main things that I took away that day was how important adapting to your surroundings was for you.  5 days after hearing your speech, I had a knock on my front door to be advised by the police that my Mum had died suddenly whilst driving home from work.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but with hindsight, I can’t help but think that your speech somehow helped to prepare me for what lied ahead.

I suppose I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience and advice, and for helping me to adapt to my new surroundings.

I can honestly say that never before have I known nearly everybody listening to an after dinner/lunch talk be so attentive, hanging on to every word, or so deeply moved by what they were hearing.  Equally, I have never before been contacted afterwards by so many who have wanted to express their admiration for and gratitude to a speaker.  Your talk was not only inspirational but enjoyable, and we all thought you judged it just right in respect of you theme, its length, and its balance with the more humorous bits.

I am left with the lasting impression of John Peters, who will remain in my memory as one of the most incredible & emotional speakers I have ever experienced the honour of hearing.

Walker User Group

John Peters speech was amazing and incredibly inspirational! Please continue to invite guest speakers from outside education – it is amazing to hear about how John overcame the odds.

As someone who never fills in evaluations I have to say that John Peters is the most powerful speaker I have ever heard. Truly inspirational, particularly as I am very antimilitary! What an inspiration!

Your presentation was one of the most moving and poignant I have ever heard.  

One minute I wanted to cry my eyes out and the next minute you had me laughing out loud…. The feedback has been incredible. Twitter has gone mad. Thought provoking, empowering, inspirational are just a few of words people have used to describe yesterday’s event.  

Anyone who has had the privilege of listening to you speak cannot be anything other than impressed by your attitude to life and your determination, courage and integrity. Yours is a gripping and extremely moving story. Everyone to whom I have spoken since your presentation has unreservedly said that it was excellent

Chief Constable West Mercia Constabulary