Cheryl Ifekoya

Cheryl Ifekoya is first and foremost a woman in the post-survival era of her life.  Cheryl has overcome Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), its subsequent effects and now thrives as a wife, mother, property investor and holistic life coach.

In addition to her corporate career Cheryl is the co-founder of a successful property Investment Company, building a £4.5m portfolio through acquisition and permitted development which specialises in Multi-Unit Blocks.

Having initially started out as a classically trained clarinettist, Cheryl made the switch to gain her BA in Accountancy and entered the corporate world ultimately working as a Management Accountant in Financial services for a little over two decades.

Cheryl is an extremely warm and approachable individual and values integrity, authenticity, and personal excellence. She is a certified Professional Life Coach (Transformation Academy) and employs her creative flair, life experience and her professional and entrepreneurial experience to each engagement.   As a holistic coach Cheryl helps professionals and entrepreneurs develop leadership skills that integrate self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication, collaboration and organizational culture.  The magic in working with Cheryl lies in her effortless ability to help those she works with to tease out those areas that may be holding them back.

Investing in Holistic Life Coaching is an investment in the development of professionals and entrepreneurs, helping them achieve greater success and personal fulfilment in their leadership roles and their life as a whole.  By overcoming limiting beliefs and behaviours, her clients can become more effective, impactful, and fulfilled leaders.