John Peters BSc (Hons) MBA DEdhc FRSA MRAeS

John has coached CEOs, senior leaders and talent groups in corporate environments, the public sector and the third sector. Everyone has been successful in their field, used to solving problems and defining new possibilities. His clients believe John’s contribution has accelerated that process. Coaches do not have magic powers, nor are they there to tell you how to be a more incredible manager. Coaching is about individual growth and improved performance.

John is a catalyst to help you deal with issues and reach targets using your own talents and abilities. He is interested in your success and the degree to which you excel.  A coach of 20-plus years’ experience, John provides a private and confidential space, free from politics, criticism, and the pressure of ‘saying the right thing’ for you to work on an issue that is important to you; it may be small for you, one that is challenging, or one that is a major step. The issue may be business or personal. He offers experience in helping you achieve your best solution through questions, challenges, and silence.

Coaching requires more than a set of techniques: it requires real world experience to understand the context in which individuals expect to perform.  He has worked with Boards, senior and middle managers.  Experienced across a wide variety of organisational cultures, he has addressed issues such as under-performance, cultural change, financial crises, dysfunctional Boards, problematic CEOs and the varied issues and problems encountered by senior executives in large organisations.  He understands the need for political subtlety to balance regional, national, and international sensitivities within a complex and increasingly competitive, political, and regulatory landscape.  When coaching an individual, this provides a wide-ranging insight, which is applied with humility, accessibility, and empathy.

  • MD, Facilities Management, Equipment and Tool Hire. I had the pleasure of working with him a couple of years ago as my executive coach.  Truly inspirational and incredibly humble. 
  • Senior Exec, Education. Great for developing the mindset and behaviours of resilience and agile leadership.
  • MD, IT Systems. I can honestly say that in my experience of being coached John was probably one of the most insightful ones that I have been on. The reflection I gained has resulted in me feeling empowered to go away and make changes I needed to do.