Where do we begin to thank you for what was such an emotional, remarkable and humbling insight into what happened to you before, during and after your captivity in Iraq.

One cannot really find the appropriate words to describe our reactions and feelings or to praise you for your account of your story.  We were all greatly moved by your experience and were overwhelmed by your strength of character, your courage (yes, your courage!) and your incredible fortitude and endurance.  We all felt uniquely privileged to have heard your story told by you in person.

Thank you for sharing it with us with candour as well as great humour and for imparting a real sense amongst us that with the right degree of determination, will and focus, you can survive and overcome even the most dire situations and challenges.  You are such an inspiration and role model for everyone.

As one small part of this nation, we thank you too for the immense burden you had to bear in representing us as a Member of our military forces at war