Monkey Business is dedicated to helping people be the best they can be.

  • We will work with leaders to help them create the conditions that will release responsibility, creativity and commitment.
  • We will focus on the dynamic interplay between the individual, team and the wider system.
  • We will operate at our learning edge and encourage clients to do the same.
  • We have a reputation for being challenging, affirming, rigorous and creative.
  • We will have courageous conversations on tough issues where we are willing to be vulnerable, take risks and explore territory where there are no easy answers and solutions must be co-created.
  • Our Interactive workshops provide tools that can be used immediately because our focus is on practical application rather than theory

We operate at that point of difference to break free from current limits of business performance to discover a whole new world: from purpose to performance.  We have a proven systemic approach to achieve breakout success and a depth of organisational international experience.  We are not afraid to ask the challenging questions; we provide a portfolio of personal development; we supply a template of on-the-job tools to deliver value and performance.

Our philosophy underlying our approach is that life is a conversation…stories, meetings, gossiping, coaching, arguing, debating, selling, leading, loving…life is a conversation.  And our conversation has continually evolved.   Are you listening?  Are your people listening?   If you are still having the same conversation: honestly, do you expect to achieve a different solution?  How do you generate a new conversation: an exciting, different dialogue?  An unusual experience in someone engenders the need to talk.  To change yourself, your relationships, your teams, your organisation…change your conversation.

How do we achieve this?  We believe that talent thrives off talent.  Developing leaders is not just about ticking objectives.  We develop high performance teams. We develop individual excellence.

We go beyond the motivational speech…our different perspectives make your teams question their limitations and realise new horizons.  Our trainers have all operated in real-world jobs in recognisable high-performance, high pressure environments.   They understand leadership and understand performance from first-hand experience which enhances their ability to engage with participants to develop their own potential.