Why some teams are better than others? Results are important in any business and when teams fail to deliver, despite the fact that they have focused on results, the frustration can spread through the team extremely quickly. The problem invariably is that teams focus solely on the results i.e. the ‘What’ we have to achieve without considering the ‘How’.

Team development can be undertaken over 6-12 months or as a single catalytic event, which is followed up by the team itself. These intensive 2-3 day events can generate the critical thinking, analysis and energy needed to drive the necessary change that will impact the organisation.

High performance teams succeed because they have the ability to penetrate, to delve deeply within themselves and collectively apply themselves to exploit the context whatever the challenge: the trick is knowing which risks to mitigate and which risks to exploit…to know that while some risks are to be avoided, others are waiting to be taken.

This high performance workshop provides an opportunity for the team members to consider the question; ‘Am I part of a high performing team?’ This workshop will focus the attention on the ‘How’ performance of the team in trying to attain results. It will question them as to their understanding of what is a team; how a team is high performing and then how do you measure that success.

Understanding what is a team, how a team is high performing and then be able to measure that success will greatly increase the productivity of the Board. This element concentrates on creating a performance culture and practical tools to maintain high performance.

It is fundamental that this team ‘feels’ part of something special and form close relationships with each other whereby they can challenge and develop each other.