A high-performing team of regional directors of a major bank were beginning to become nervous that they could not sustain their success.

Individually high calibre, talented individuals there were a number of strong characters within the team, but a nervous realisation that despite their highly competitive natures they need to work together to collectively achieve their targets.

This balance between cooperation and competition within a sales environment was exacerbated by the cultural differences between two brands within the bank, a leftover from a previous merger.  The pressure to succeed was immense with an overarching atmosphere where failure was not tolerated.

Our Work

Team Coaching.  This was focused around two areas…

First, whether they need to be a champion team or a team of champions and secondly, creating an understanding and bond between the individuals to create an ethos that takes performance beyond previously held limiting beliefs.  The workshops were multi-faceted covered trust, energy and used the Strength Deployment Inventory.  Unusual experiences and action learning sets changed the conversation from “I” leadership to “We” leadership.


There was an immediate increase in sales performance and within 1 month this team achieved record sales within the Bank.  Within 3 months, one individual achieved a historically high sales achievement.

The team became a single entity with a tightly knit ethos to the extent that further work was then undertaken as they realised that they may not be accessible to new entrants!  The work we completed with the Board was cascaded down to each of their regions and then subsequently to a number of Area Managers within the Bank.