Underpinning a teambuilding within and between two newly aligned organisations were fundamental, philosophical differences in approach between balancing profit-making commercial requirements and social responsibilities. The new group had to question and then establish its own identity separate to the historical precedent: what sort of organisation did they want to become?  This exposed the paradox of individual core values versus managing financial risks within the senior management team.  The boundaries between the subsidiary companies and corporate group and dialogue about the future need to be aired.

Our Work

Facilitation.  Using the Emergent Leadership Model as a format, we developed a number of workshops to explore different conversations to generate an acceptance of the commercial realities within the differing philosophical approaches.  This included using HMS Hazard and fire-walking as metaphors to generate a different approach to the dialogue.


We identified, define and facilitated agreement on mission basic ‘go forward’ ground rules – as a group/team. We established buy-in to the Group role and responsibilities and engendered a ‘One Team’ culture within the leadership team.  After undertaking a performance audit, we established the key issues and challenges within the organisation to take the business forward