The Situation

With continued public sector financial pressures, sectors of the organisation were under increasing scrutiny regarding value for money and competition from commercial private-sector alternative options.  In response, a new approach had to be created within a strategic focus affecting the very existence of the group. The group itself was geographically and functionally dispersed, with a variety of ‘tribal’ cultures.  ‘Traditional’ in approach, but with the environment no longer accepting the status quo, the group needed to align itself behind a new innovative, modern vision.

Our Work

Group Coaching. We ran a Best Year Yet© year-long programme to generate alignment of all sectors that would provide with a coordinated performance-improving development programme over a period of a year with sufficient sessions to ensure behavioural development but also with the flexibility to address issues arising.  This reinforced the business strategy towards financial and operational realities whilst helping to concentrate commitment to achieving the necessary coordinated response.


Given the full on-line interactive performance review, the coaching sessions, this process enabled the group to complete an organisational review, gain consensus and challenge fundamental issues in their journey towards reshaping their vision and identity within the organisation.  The new ethos and approach was accepted and they retain their role as the best option compared to the alternatives.