Previous success within the market had created complacency.  Circumstances had changed and now they are fighting for work.  There was increasing pressures on the business model from new entrants.  An innovative new idea had been introduced of a new collaborative approach between the professions. This required a different approach to the modus operandi.  The requirement was to build relationships with partner firms in a collaborative approach.  There was a cynicism and some very real business hurdles to overcome within and between the participating personnel and their respective counterparts in the partnership businesses.

Our Work

Team Facilitation.  We provided a ‘full-on’, memorable introductory programme for the teams to get to know each other and reinforce the collaborative approach.  Its aim was to align of the insurers and legal teams behind the new collaborative approach, build a team ethos within and between the partners and establish the new performance culture.


We established what the key issues and challenges were within the collaboration.  Upon analysis, the group established very real hurdles in the system/operational areas, which had not been noticed during negotiations.  This highlighted issues that until the workshop could have been deal breakers.  Training was initiated on how to understand and work the system effectively and efficiently   Clear communication was established between all parties, with buy-in to a re-categorisation, cross-party IT accommodation and, most importantly, clarification on areas of contention in value creation.  The feedback was that the programme exceeded all expectations.  It established strong relationships within the group and engendered a ‘One Team’ ethos which enhanced the introduction of this new strategy.  This was instantly reflected in improved sales figures within a month.  It was viewed that this was achieved within an extremely innovative, energetic and fun approach that successfully initiated the personal relationships necessary to create the necessary momentum.