To fly ahead in turbulent times, you need clarity. At critical times it’s essential to get a clear overview of what’s actually happening, and what’s likely to happen next. This workshop covers future thinking; global trends – drivers of change; scenarios and using futures in the organisation’s scenario planning. This workshop is designed to boost performance, broaden perspectives and help participants clarify the immediate challenges and explore the long-term solutions.

  1. Develop strategic thinking skills, encourage leaders to think strategically:
  • Improve their ability to anticipate change and ensure they are set to use it to advantage
  • Enable more consistent and reliable intelligence on external change
  • Identify future change and the resulting improvement requirements so it can be successfully implemented
  • Understand how to identify and anticipate change, understand what triggers there are and what tools there are to assess options.
  1. Evaluate the insightsyou have gathered on your organisation’s ability and your leadership strengths and flaws.
  2. Provide new methods to stimulate debate and generate better outcomes
  • Understand the key activities to set up a market scanning operation and differentiate between useful and vital information
  • Identify techniques which will help gain greater recognition, buy-in and ownership of anticipated change
  1. Discuss strategic agilityincluding why it is important and how it contributes to competitive advantage.