How do you get the best from your people? The development of coaching skills in leaders is critical to the achievement of organisational objectives. Even the most experienced people constantly need to stay at the top of their game. This workshop is about leadership and belief. Being the best and remaining ahead of the pack needs dedication, application and just as importantly access to expertise that you can count on to maximise your performance. The principle instruments of good coaching are Silence, Question and Challenge; this programme is packed to the brim with useful, fun, highly participative and practical sessions designed to provide managers with the tools and skills necessary to become an outstanding coach.

Most coaching processes are based on problem-solving processes.  We start by asking “what’s the problem?”  When we do that, we focus energy on what we want less of and work to “fix” things. The best leaders have the courage and determination to tackle performance problems before they become very serious and impact adversely on the firm and on team colleagues. They make it clear that they want underperformance to be resolved and they offer their help. However, sometimes when they grasp the nettle they make the mistake of trying to change someone’s behaviour either by appealing to reason by issuing an ultimatum. Too often the result is failure. The reality is that changes come from within. The challenge therefore is to create the circumstances in which underperformers can motivate themselves.

What will be the outcome?

  • A thorough understanding of the principles of coaching and management styles
  • Go away with coaching models that you can use back in the workplace
  • Understand the importance of ownership and how to take ownership of staff development and continuous improvement.
  • Learn “What to say” and “How to say it” when providing feedback to staff.
  • Learn the importance of non-verbal communication when performing coaching
  • Prepare, deliver and review coaching sessions for continuous improvement.

Experiential Option

In exploring limiting mindsets and overcoming barriers we will use a firewalk. An unusual experience engenders in the person the need to talk. A firewalk is used as a metaphor to explore the concept of belief. From our experience this has been extremely effective in providing the circumstances for personal discussion. Firewalking is a metaphor for dealing with ambiguity: it is not about dealing with absolute knowedge, it is about how you deal with the uncertainty. As the name suggests you will walk bare foot over red-hot wood embers measuring some 800 degrees centigrade. Fire Walking is not about being in touch with ones inner being or even mystical mind over matter magic. It can however be explained by simple physics…the process of Fire Walking that is, and not the life changing decision that you make when you decide to walk on the fire………. That’s the magic part!

FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) presents itself to us in many guises and forms, but that FEAR has had to be learnt. So when we are taught how to unlearn FEAR there really is no stopping us! The most inspiration journey you will ever undertake. We can run this event on any surface as we always lay grass turf under our fires to prevent damage to the venue.